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Maria and Neil Glickman

June 30, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

My son, Joseph, has been attending Beach City Baseball Academy’s special needs clinic for the past year and we are so grateful that such a program exists!

Joseph just started to love the game of baseball. The clinic has helped him gain a level of confidence on and off the field with each session he attends. He recently participated in a 50/70 league program of 12-14 year olds. If it were not for the clinic, I don’t believe Joseph would have been able to accomplish this. Not only has the clinic boosted his level of confidence, he has been able to make more friends. It is giving him that bridge of social interactions that other typical kids take for granted. Kids on the autism spectrum find it very hard to make friends. Baseball has helped him make a connection with his typical peers.

The owners of Beach City Baseball are dedicated to nurturing not only kids with ability but also kids with disabilities! They understand that kids with special needs also love the game of baseball. They too want to share in the joy of learning the game. The selected coaching staff are patient, caring and understanding of each kid’s ability. I would not have Joseph attend if this was not so.

The clinic serves as an example of how the Academy is committed to its community regardless of ability and disability!


Maria and Neil Glickman