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Wildlife Habitat



Well that would have been nice to hear before the yellow freckled frog study and the archeology study and the seismic dig and the road study and so on and so on. But when life throws a challenge you can run away or deal with it. The family decided to stay and deal with it. Hoping one day to have more uses for the ranch so that we can share this incredible and unique property,we continue our journey.In the meantime, we live and work at the ranch we share with all our wonderful friends and we enjoy every second. For information about staying at Rancho Grande go here

From the ranch, you can explore the surrounding mountains on the Nordhoff Ridge Trail, Howard Creek Trail or Piedra Blanca Trail. On the ranch, you can live out just about any Old West dream, including hosting a barn dance in The Rock Room event hall, picking apples from trees planted in the 1800s, fishing or swimming in one of the three spring-fed lakes, rounding up cattle or telling tall tales around a campfire.

The National Wildlife Federation has provided a certification to Rancho Grande of the Los Padres National Forest, for successfully creating an official Certified Wildlife Habitat site. The self-certifying program is a way to show our commitment to our surrounding forest and the wildlife that live here. Anyone that certifies that their property covers all the elements is eligible to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We encourage anyone that can to join the millions of places that have joined this organization.