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Christine Parra

July 6, 2016

Dear BCBA,

I am beyond thrilled to read about your plans to expand your exemplary organization in building a baseball camp at Rancho Grande! The description of the location, camp grounds, baseball tournaments, and surrounding area is amazing.

As a parent of a special needs child (10 year old son with Down Syndrome), BCBA has already gone above and beyond in providing free batting practice and a new fitness program for our kids. Services like this are very difficult to find, especially in developing specific skills for baseball. Tomas has been on a typical little league team for four seasons now, and is thriving being in an Inclusive environment. The thought he could attend a baseball camp at your new camp is so exciting. This would allow him, and so many others, to be just like any other child in developing their love of baseball.

Thank you for all you do for our community, and for our kids.

My Best,
Christine Parra
(Mom to Tomas, age 10, below)