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Greg Carpenter

July 5, 2016

Los Padres National Forest
Forest Supervisor Bob Baird
6750 Navigator Way, Suite 150
Goleta, CA 93117

Dear Mr. Baird:

The City of El Segundo Beach has been home to Beach City Baseball Academy since March 2011. The Academy has brought much value to the community and enhanced many lives of families that have passed through its doors through scholarships, sponsorships, donations, international exchange programs and special needs clinic.

It is a pleasure working with Beach City Baseball Academy. The Academy makes sure they are good and respectful neighbors by addressing concerns quickly and at considerable cost to themselves. Most notable were the installation of an automated crosswalk lighting and signage improvements to their facilities to the benefit and safety of the community. On another occasion, they readily replaced all of their metal bats with wooden ones (which crack at the rate of about 10 a month) because neighbors objected to the “ping” of the ball on the metal bats.

I attest to the Beach City Baseball Academy’s integrity and commitment to the community. We highly recommend doing business with Beach City Baseball Academy and support them in their endeavors.

Please feel free to call me if any questions.


Greg Carpenter
City Manager