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Jill Faulkner, single mom

Jill Faulkner
12493 Walsh Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

(310) 621-8724

June 30, 2016

Ventura County Board of Supervisors
Ojai City Council

Re: Beach City Baseball Academy

Dear Members of the Board and City Council:

I am writing to support Beach City Baseball Academy (BCBA) and its application to build a baseball camp in your area. I am well qualified to attest to the integrity of this organization and its commitment to the community it serves.

My son Colin, who is now 12 years old, has been involved with BCBA since he was eight years old. He has been involved with BCBA in various ways: on teams, in camps, and as a volunteer. It is difficult to put into words what he has gained from this experience on a personal level.

First and foremost he has learned to play baseball. He has been given a skill to use and enjoy throughout his childhood and beyond. And for any child, gaining a skill that makes them feel competent and confident is a wonderful thing. I was never much of a sports person myself, so watching him develop his skills with such caring instruction was really an eye-opener for me. He went from a very insecure and anxious child to a confident and focused child. For parents in your area, it will be a blessing to have such a great sports program nearby.

Colin has also learned to be a teammate. He has learned how to work on a team and how to support other people. The coaches at BCBA emphasize a team mentality and teach the children how to be on a team. I know from my experience in the adult world that understanding that we are all connected and part of something bigger is crucial in life. BCBA is committed to teaching this value.

Colin has also learned the importance of giving back to those in the community. Colin has been a volunteer at BCBA in its special needs program. With this program, BCBA gives free baseball lessons to children with special needs in the community. BCBA invites its students to volunteer in this program, and Colin has done this regularly. It’s hard to express what he has gained from this experience. He absolutely loves it. It makes him feel important to be able to help others. The other coaches started referring to him as “coach,” and Colin was so proud. He also formed attachments to some of the students, who are very unique individuals. He would come home with stories of his special friendships with these kids who are growing up with disabilities. He is always asking me when he can go back and volunteer more.

I feel so lucky that to have BCBA nearby as I am raising my son. I know that the parents in the Ventura/ Ojai area will feel the same.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need further information about my experience with BCBA.

Jill Faulkner