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Kim Bickerton

July 1, 2016

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kim Bickerton and my 13-year-old son Jack has been playing baseball for the Beach City Baseball Academy travel team, the Prospects, for the past 4 seasons. Beach City has become a second home to our son. I cannot express enough how great our experience has been. They have genuinely caring coaches that have become true family friends and role models for him. I love the family environment that they have at BCBA. The coaches, Richard, and all the staff are not only welcoming to Jack, but to me and my husband, and our younger daughter.

I strongly feel that BCBA is providing the foundation, to not only prepare Jack to become a better baseball player, but to be a better person. They encourage hard work, dedication, respect, community service and generosity. BCBA is a huge supporter of local little leagues, donating financially to their programs and community activities. I work with a non-profit organization in the Los Angeles area that plans adaptive sports clinics and competition for children and adults with physical disabilities. BCBA did not hesitate to have a presence at our games, sending several coaches to practice hitting and throwing with our athletes and their families.

I am particularly so happy to see the special needs program that they have at BCBA, where they offer free lessons for children with special needs. I am a physical therapist who works with kids with special needs and an inclusive environment where kids of all abilities are able to play baseball is a rare find! I am so happy to know that they are planning to continue with this program and to expand into camps for these kids and their families. I am a huge supporter of this and so glad to see that this is valued by Richard, the coaches, and staff at BCBA.

We have had the pleasure of participating the past two years in being a host family for a player from Germany during BCBA’s international tournament. This experience has been invaluable for my son and our entire family. He was able to play alongside players from other countries and made friends that he has remained in touch with from the international teams. BCBA planned activities for all of the boys and included the families throughout the weeks.

Richard and BCBA’s generosity is beyond measure to all of the boys, their families, and to the community. We are proud to have our son play for the Prospects and to be a part of such a wonderful organization. We will always be supporters and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for our son. Jack’s younger sister is eagerly awaiting her time to try out to become a Lady Prospect and play for their softball team.
BCBA would be a tremendous asset to the Ojai community, I have no doubts. They will bring a top notch baseball experience for kids of all abilities and a sense of family and generosity to the community. We will be there in a heartbeat to support them!


Kim Bickerton
[email protected]