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Josie Rodriguez

The Rodriguez Family
15922 Atkinson Avenue
Gardena, CA 90249

June 30, 2016

RE: Beach City Baseball Academy

To whom it may concern:

Over the past years we have witnessed all the outstanding work Beach City Baseball Academy has done for our community throughout the South Bay. We have seen it develop into one of the most well-known baseball academies in Southern California. The Academy provides help and support to various local little league teams, players, and families.

People travel from afar to be a part of Beach City’s well organized and structural youth development programs suitable for every child’s needs. Programs such as helping children with disabilities or kids playing at major division levels. Every child gets to experience all that the Academy has to offer in their state of the art facility. Their instructors and staff are the best.

My son has been attending Beach City Baseball Academy since 2011. He was just 7 years old when he signed up for one of their programs. Prior to joining Beach City, we had been part of four other Baseball Clubs but none of them seem to have the development techniques we were looking for.

Since being with the Academy, my son has been a part of so many wonderful life-changing events as well given the opportunity to host players from other countries, participate in various tournaments, volunteer his time helping others, etc. By seeing all the good Beach City has done, he has learned the importance of giving back to the community. Beach City Baseball Academy has become our second home. Thanks to all the instructors’ hard work and dedication, the Academy has made my son the person and player he is today.

We are very excited to hear they are expanding their facilities to other locations. Now more people will be able to experience for themselves the greatness of becoming part of an extraordinary and successful organization. We highly recommend Beach City Baseball Academy to any parents that want the BEST for their children. When anyone asks where does my son play and train, I proudly say,
“Beach City Baseball Academy!”

The Rodriguez Family