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Warren Brush

July 29, 2016
To Whom it May Concern,
I am writing this letter in support of Richard Murad and his project to evolve the Rancho Grande property on Rose Valley Road, a former cattle ranch that was overgrazed for many years, to a well balanced agroecosystem that enhances the local and regional ecology, contributes significantly to the local hydrology, and shares the land specifically with children, many of whom come from inner city environments.
Mr. Murad has contracted our permaculture design team to help him design and develop the property in a manner that is regenerative and ethical in regards to the environmental impacts of his plans. His stewardship ethic for the land and how he plans to utilize it, is exemplary and a model for others who are in similar circumstances where they own property that is nested in a national forest environment.
If you have further questions about the permaculture related aspects of the property design, please feel free to contact me.
Warren Brush
Principal Designer and Owner of True Nature Design