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The Rancho Grande

Why have a bad day when you can have a good one?



Rancho Grande is our Home on the Range.

The ranch is a 200-acre, one-of-a-kind, off-the-grid, and fully sustainable preserve located above Ojai California in a secluded and private valley 3,500 feet above sea level. A private island surrounded by the mountains of the Los Padres National Forest is located in the secluded backcountry of the Rose Valley Recreation Area. Visiting Rancho Grande is like being transported back to the Old West – but with modern conveniences. Rancho Grande is the only private property for miles providing a level of privacy and safety not found elsewhere, however, it is just a short drive from the village of Ojai.


Rancho Grande is home to a special lifelong vision to bring the forest to people and allow them to create wonderful lifetimes memories of the time they spent away from home. In 2015, our family purchased the ranch. We had no idea what we purchased. We were hoping to build a competitive youth baseball location and thought the secluded spot with an abundance of flat cleared land was perfect. We thought we would be up and running by the summer of 2016 giving us an ample few month to get approvals and necessary fields and lodges built.

And the Rancho Grande story ends right there and begins again in that crazy moment the professionals we hired, the ones that took a year and did every study imaginable under the sun, came back and told us that we were a few feet away from smooth sailing because the ranch is 1.1 miles from route 33, the road that brings you here, and developments over 1 mile from the road require “alternate plans”. In other words, fuhgeddaboudit.



Well that would have been nice to hear before the yellow freckled frog study and the archeology study and the seismic dig and the road study and so on and so on. But when life throws a challenge you can run away or deal with it. The family decided to stay and deal with it. Hoping one day to have more uses for the ranch so that we can share this incredible and unique property,we continue our journey.In the meantime, we live and work at the ranch we share with all our wonderful friends and we enjoy every second. For information about staying at Rancho Grande go here

From the ranch, you can explore the surrounding mountains on the Nordhoff Ridge Trail, Howard Creek Trail or Piedra Blanca Trail. On the ranch, you can live out just about any Old West dream, including hosting a barn dance in The Rock Room event hall, picking apples from trees planted in the 1800s, fishing or swimming in one of the three spring-fed lakes, rounding up cattle or telling tall tales around a campfire.

The National Wildlife Federation has provided a certification to Rancho Grande of the Los Padres National Forest, for successfully creating an official Certified Wildlife Habitat site. The self-certifying program is a way to show our commitment to our surrounding forest and the wildlife that live here. Anyone that certifies that their property covers all the elements is eligible to become a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We encourage anyone that can to join the millions of places that have joined this organization.




What Our Clients Say?

I don’t really know how to try to capture the magic in a review! Rancho Grande gave our family some much needed time to unplug. Our kids made memories they will never forget. Delphine says “it was the most amazing vacation I have ever been. We felt almost like we had the place to ourselves and often times we really did . We slowed down, got dirty and just soaked up the beauty. Anyone who has the chance to spend time on this sacred land will be a better person because of it. We can’t wait to come back!


What a special and unique place! Alex and his family pour so much care into this exquisite ranch. The setting is very rustic and remote (print directions to your phone, there is no reception for miles) with an awesome swimming hole/spring that feeds the entire ranch with fresh water so while it’s a farm in the middle of Los Padres Forest, it also has ducks, frogs, and herons. Bring plenty of extra clothes for cold nights, including hats (the bedding is warm!) and clothes you don’t mind getting dusty. Richard and Alex AND their pets provide excellent hospitality and the freedom to enjoy their gem of a ranch.


This was just the best place for us to get off the grid, and enjoy nature and the animals on the Ranch. Horse back riding was fun with Brooke and Kerry. Alex on the Ranch with the Daily Goat walk was awesome. Fishing was fun especially for the kids. we can’t wait to come back and visit again soon.


This review is for the Fish Camp yurt. Since we were the only family staying in the yurts during our weekend, the owner Richard was very kind to give us a pick of yurts. We ended up choosing the Fish Camp yurt due to it being closer to the bathroom, shower, and mess hall to cook. Put simply, we had an amazing trip. The ranch is a beautiful place, the yurts are very nice, our hosts were so gracious and amazingly helpful, and all of the animals are so friendly and warm. We had a memorable vacation in this very special place and highly recommend it!


This ranch is truly special! The experience was a cross between glamping, summer camp and farm stay, and our family loved it. So much to do, and a stunning quiet location in the middle of Los Padres National Forest to do nothing as well. The Fish Camp tent was spacious and the photos don’t capture how beautiful it is. The bathrooms were very clean and the communal kitchen was being renovated so a few basics were missing, but the owner got us anything we needed


Richard and his family were fantastic hosts on an unbelievable property. Richard met me at the entrance and toured me around the grounds. My tent was extremely tidy with a warm bed. Loved having a four-wheeler with which to adventure on my own, as well as a newly renovated kitchen space to prepare my own meals. Bathroom was very clean. Beyond the neat and beautifully decorated accommodations, and the hospitable hosts, the setting of Rancho Grande is a treasure.


Our Ranch In Action

We regularly get gorgeous videos created and submitted by our visitors and guests that we would like to share with you.

We hope you enjoy this one.